Are Custom Cabinets Expensive? (How Does Pricing Work)

When you hire a cabinet maker to custom-build your cabinets, you get a lot of control over the design and materials. You can choose your own designs, materials, finishes, hardware, and layout.

Custom cabinets are made to fit around your house walls, attain ideal stature and open freely. Customer cabinet makers make their cabinets to make your specific details, and the timing for the installation typically relies on the extent of the work and the cabinet makers’ schedule.

When you order custom cabinets from a cabinet maker, you get to choose your own designs, materials, finishes, hardware, and layout. Custom cabinetry has many different styles, shading, and coatings than standard pre-made cabinets, plus they can fit into any house space. The cost of having custom cabinet makers make your cabinets vary depending on the material used, type of wood, type of finish, and the type of installation.

Typically you can expect the price to be $500-$1,200 per linear foot, including the cost of labor, hardware, accessory, and material. The national average to have a custom cabinet maker make cabinets for a kitchen that’s 30 linear feet is roughly $20,000. Molding, hardware, doors, and other items typically add another $4,500 plus $50 per cabinet for the installation cost.

Other factors that cause cost variations of custom cabinets. Click here for more information.

Size and Design

 When it comes to custom cabinets, one of the most important things to consider is how you want them to fit into your space. If you want a specific style, size, or color that isn’t available in stock cabinets, then having a professional make them for you is the way to go!

The most popular changes in cabinet size are in depth. As an example, if you want your new kitchen cabinets to be 12 inches deeper than the ones that come with your home’s original kitchen design, then this will change their price by about $100 per linear foot. On the other hand, if you want them to be 36 inches deep instead of 24 inches deep, then this will increase their price by roughly $200 per linear foot.

For example, A 24-inch cabinet would cost roughly $225 per linear foot, while a cabinet estimated at 36 inches in height would be $315.

Type of Material

When you’re choosing your kitchen cabinet material, consider what you’ll be using the cabinet for. A wood that’s easy to work with and has a consistent grain may be best for a kitchen where you plan on using it for food prep. For a dining room that will get only occasional use, a more expensive material like stainless steel or MDF may be worth the investment as it will last longer and look nicer than other materials.

There are many different materials used in making custom cabinets include:

  • Wood: The most common type of cabinet is made from wood. Woods that are harder to work with will mean much greater expenses for a similar cabinet made with a plank of more regular or less difficult wood. Most custom cabinets are made using strong wood (maple, oak, birch). However, some are made using stainless steel or MDF. Every material has an alternate price rate, as highlighted below:
  • Maple: Maple is one of the most popular woods used when making cabinets because it’s easy to work with but still has good strength and durability. Maple costs about $5 per square foot, which means it’s one of the most expensive options compared to other woods like birch, which only cost about $2 per square foot!
  • Stainless Steel: This type of material is hard but very sturdy and durable, so it’s great for making kitchen cabinets because they last longer than most other materials out there today; they’re also easy to maintain once installed properly on your kitchen flooring surface area(s). Stainless steel costs around $12 per linear foot, which isn’t bad considering everything else you get when buying this type of material instead!

Type Of Custom Cabinet Door

When you’re building your cabinetry, you have a lot of decisions to make. The style and door you choose for your cabinetry can likewise impact last expenses. The more complex the door style is, the higher the costs are probably going to be. The type of hardware you pick for your door will likewise affect costs. Numerous cabinet creators will predrill for the hardware you choose, and a few kinds of doors and drawers may not need any extra hardware to work. A single door can fall somewhere in the range of $50 to $150.

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