Cautions To Be Taken When Using Natural Stones

When buying rolls from unknown brands, care must be taken as they can often be produced with counterfeit stones. Therefore, if the price is much lower than usual, be suspicious and try to buy from reputable stores.

It is essential always to be careful with cleaning your stones, especially by using products and direct contact with the skin. For this, it is necessary to observe which stone you are using – some accept well-being wet and others not so much. Leaving it in the sun is also interesting, but it depends on which stone is yours, so do some research first. Generally, the lighter ones can be wet but not in the sun. And the opposite is true for the darker ones. But, it’s not a rule, ok?

Finally, you must maintain a frequency to feel the effects. Daily and continuous use is the key to good results. Connecting with this moment, with the energies of the stones, and dedicating a good 10 minutes to take care of your skin with the curler is essential to be worthwhile.

Some Of The Quartz To Put Into Consideration

White Quartz

Also known as milky or milky, white quartz is one of the crystals with a lot of positive energy and can ward off negative vibrations. It is responsible for wisdom and healing – and precisely because of this, it is a great ally searching for calm and concentration on the good paths.

Transparent Quartz

Often confused with white, but a little different. The transparent quartz, because of this condition, can focus all colors in one stone. It does not have a specific function and acts more generally. In addition, it has a cleansing action, both in the energy field and in the physical body. It is indicated for blood cleansing, blood pressure stabilization, and calming.

Smoked Quartz

The quartz smoke is quite a dark color, between black and brown. Like other darker crystals, it’s great for neutralizing negative energies. It acts as a cleanser and creates a “layer” of protection on the body.

Morion Quartz

The quartz morion is also much like the one listed above but even darker and more opaque. Its properties are more related to earth connection and spiritual detox. It is also suitable for seeing and working on our darker sides.

Purple Quartz

The purple quartz by Stone Center in the Ohio area is widely known as amethyst and has some variations of tones: will the most intense purple, the purple, and of course lilac. The quartz is more focused on connecting with the spiritual world, which is why it is part of the recommended stones for the crown chakra. Using it in meditations has great activities to encourage and balance the disconnection from the earthly world. The sign of Pisces is ruled by the amethyst, which provides all the necessary sensitivity and fluidity.

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