Cleaning High-Rise Buildings During the Pandemic

There is no doubt about how the Coronavirus hit the entire world with a shock. It left all the people dumb and locking themselves inside their houses. While the rise of Coronavirus cases is still being reported by every news channel daily, the doctors have also been instructed to keep the house and the surroundings clean to prevent oneself from the deadly virus.

Now that many apartments and high-rise buildings have come up, it truly becomes problematic to sanitize these places. To help people living in apartments sanitize their buildings, one can rely upon the PureOne disinfection services Los Angeles. Not only do they provide timely cleaning services, but they also promote customized cleaning. Therefore, one can tell the PureOne disinfection services, Los Angeles, about their requirements and the job will be done.

Given below are some tips suggested by the professionals of PureOne disinfection services Los Angeles that one can follow to disinfect and sanitize high-rise buildings and apartments:

  1. Clean the air ducts

It is necessary to clean the air ducts along with the ventilation of the building thoroughly. Since the Coronavirus spreads through the air, cleaning the air ducts means the virus does not get the chance to spread. Keep a check on the air filters and flush the ducts regularly to keep the air healthy.

  1. Clean upholstery and floor mats

According to the John Hopkins University, the Coronavirus does not survive on textiles and clothing pieces for long. However, it is better to maintain safety. So, regularly cleaning the mats, carpets, rugs, and upholstery with adequate sanitizer spray is a must. In addition, if the area has a lot of traffic, it is recommended to clean the mats and carpets of those areas vehemently.

  1. Ensure to use proper disinfectant

A lot of the cleaning policy lies on the type of disinfectant being used. Therefore, while purchasing disinfectants and sanitizers, make sure to look for an effective disinfectant solution composed of 70% alcohol. Besides, the disinfectant should also be registered by EPA.

  1. Provide sanitizers to the people entering the building

When cleaning a high-rise building (both commercial and residential space), one has to keep in mind that it is a high-traffic area. This means a lot of people will come and go in the building throughout the day. Therefore, a person has to be allotted to provide sanitizers to the people who go into the building to enter the building without any virus.

  1. Regular disinfection of high-touch surfaces

In a high-rise building, you will find a lot of high-touch surfaces like the elevator switch, door handles, handrails, keypad buttons, etc. Make sure that the cleaning team cleans all these high-rise areas thoroughly.

  1. Schedule a time for regular cleaning

Since the Coronavirus is here to stay, for now, it is suggested to set up a regular cleaning schedule in compliance with the guidelines recommended by WHO and the state. As soon as there is a change in the guidelines, it has to be accommodated in the regular cleaning policy.


Although people have survived the Coronavirus for more than a year, it cannot be ignored entirely. To stay healthy, fit, and fine, regular cleaning of the surroundings is a must.

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