Definitive Guide to DIY Air Conditioner Repair

When she decides to repair her air conditioner herself, she needs to be careful about how she goes about fixing it.

If she finds out that her air conditioner is not cooling down her house as it is supposed to, she should first check her furnace. If her furnace and thermostat are not working, she can first set her thermostat to the cool position being adjusted to her desired temperature that will cool down for the air conditioner to turn on. She should wait at least five minutes to see that the fan in the furnace is running and blowing cool air.

If the fan in the furnace does not run, then she needs to turn the furnace off at the breaker inside her home. Leaving it off for five minutes and then turning it back on and waiting several more minutes, can determine if her blower from the fan turns on correctly. If it winds up that the fan does not decide to turn on, then the problem is that she has confirmed that her air conditioner is the culprit.

Arlington residential ac repair is always available seven days a week when she needs A/C repairs for an emergency. They also can give her special offers if she is on a budget.

When she checks her evaporator coil or clogged air filter, it is the common cause why the majority of air conditioners do not work.

Her air filter needs to be changed. She needs to turn off the power to the air handler and discover where the air filter is placed. After that, she should remove it before buying a new filter. Air filters should be replaced every three months.

When she is done installing her new air filter, it is safe for her to turn back on the power to the furnace.

If she needs to fix her frozen AC evaporator coil, the best method is to allow it to thaw out completely. If it froze in the first place, then her air filter was blocked, which did not allow any air to take in heat, so the temperature of the coil decided to keep falling, turning into a block of ice. Once it is thoroughly thawed, she can then restart her air conditioner system.

She can make sure that to prevent it from happening repeatedly every year, she should set her thermostat to have her AC in the off position, but the fan stays on. This trick will let her furnace fan work well when it blows warm air over the coil, which is a money saver.

Arlington residential ac repair makes sure that the best equipment and material for all repairs are used, so their air conditioning systems have a long life span.

If she discovers that her condenser fan has crashed, then she needs to make sure that her thermostat is set to cool. When it is cooled, she needs to turn off her outside unit, then she will need to make sure that the outdoor unit is getting the control signal when she turns it back on.

She can remove the control panel inside her home and use her multimeter to make sure that the contractor is getting air.

The condenser fan motor needs to be turned off at the breaker panel. Once she has the tools to remove the units’ cover; she can detach the motor from the cover. She can take off safely the fan blade from the motor shaft and install the new motor with the old fan blade in its place.

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