Different types of epoxy flooring options to meet different requirements

In commercial & industrial workspaces, epoxy resin flooring has become a popular flooring option mainly because of the wide range of flooring color and texture options it offers.  Epoxy flooring refers to a synthetic resin layer that is laid on top of the concrete to add protection and decoration. Multiple layers of coating are poured on the concrete substrate to make the flooring more strong and more durable and make it appear aesthetically beautiful. There is a variety of epoxy floor colors, styles, textures and effects that customers can opt for.  Let’s find out the various options available.

Types of epoxy flooring options available

The choices are endless when it comes to epoxy flooring.  Customers can choose from a wide range of solid color, textures and metallic options that can make the floor virtually appealing. Whether one is looking for a funky floor look or a subtle & elegant one, epoxy flooring gets it all covered.

Following is the list of solid epoxy floor colors available in the market:

  • Bright yellow
  • Safety yellow
  • Standard blue
  • Bright red
  • Green
  • White
  • Sand Beige
  • Zet black
  • Tile red
  • Smoke Blue
  • Light Grey
  • Assembly blue

These colorful epoxy flooring options help in emphasizing organizational branding as well.  For example, by installing epoxy flooring in custom colors that match the color of the brand one can make the office look more appealing to visitors.

Types of textures & metallic options

Epoxy flooring gives room for a lot of customization. The interior of commercial & industrial facilities is different from a residential building. By opting for epoxy floors one can select a texture or layout of the floor that matches the surroundings of the room. One of the most common texture options is a combination of colored chips with the base color. Other common epoxy flooring options that customers can opt for may include:

  • Terrazzo flooring- This flooring variety is created by mixing selected aggregates such as glass granite, marble etc with colored epoxy. Once the mixture sets in, the floor is polished to make the surface shiny. Terrazzo flooring is highly durable and requires minimum maintenance.
  • Flake coating flooring- This flooring is created by mixing macro flakes with colored epoxy base coats. Flake coating option is best for shops, restaurants, schools and hospitals as it offers good resistance to foot traffic. It is one of the most preferred commercial flooring options.
  • Epoxy single-colored paint- Epoxy single-colored floor coatings offer a uniform single-colored look that can be made matte, glossy or satin according to customer preference. Generally, this type of flooring is used in commercial areas where foot traffic is light to medium.


Apart from being highly durable and easy to maintain, epoxy floors can help improve safety in a facility. By choosing the correct combination of epoxy floor colors, one can customize the floor by adding safety markings, paths, directions & many more. The markings on the floor will help to direct the flow of traffic, create distinctive work areas and designate restricted areas within the facility.

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