Does Cabinet Refacing Look Cheap? (What You Need to Know)

Kitchen cabinet refacing and refinishing are both excellent choices for updating your space on a budget. Refinishing refers to repainting or otherwise fabricating cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and the cabinet box, or the part attached to the wall. Refacing means to add a new “skin” to doors and drawer fronts, or replacing damaged materials altogether. During refacing, a contractor might also refinish cabinet boxes to match, or to offer a fresh new appearance.

While kitchen cabinet refacing is an affordable method for updating a space, you might wonder if cabinets then look “cheap.” The good news is that refacing can improve your kitchen’s appearance dramatically, if you choose the right materials. It’s also vital that you invest in new hardware as needed, to complete the look. Check out some more tips for ensuring you love the result no matter your kitchen renovation choices. Our company completes kitchen cabinet refacing in RI.

Does Refacing Cabinets Look Good?

First note what is meant by kitchen cabinet refacing. In many cases, a contractor adds a new “skin” or thin layer of material over existing door and drawer “carcasses.” This skin or veneer covers the front of doors and drawer fronts completely, for an entirely new look. Refacing covers damaged areas including cracks and chips.

Additionally, a contractor might add decorative trim to that fresh skin or veneer. However, for severely damaged doors and drawer fronts, he or she can just outright replace them. A contractor might also replace doors with glass or another material, for a new look. Also, your contractor might install new pulls, knobs, and hinges if needed and repaint or otherwise refresh the cabinet boxes.

Typically, a homeowner cannot tell the difference between kitchen cabinet refacing and entirely new cabinets. Adding new hardware can also update the space completely. This is especially true if you choose an upscale material or warm, rich paint or stain color. However, this process is far cheaper and less messy than removing and replacing all your home’s kitchen cabinetry!

Difference Between Refacing and Resurfacing Cabinets

Refacing refers to putting a new face on a cabinet door or drawer or replacing those fronts altogether. However, resurfacing refers to sanding down those door and drawer fronts and the cabinet boxes. A contractor can then paint or restain that material. He or she might also swap out cabinetry hardware.

Resurfacing is an excellent choice when you simply want to update cabinet colors. In many cases, this process can change a kitchen’s entire look! For example, repainting cabinets white can brighten even the smallest, darkest kitchen. On the other hand, staining cabinets a warm color might create a cozy, traditional appearance.

Also, replacing cabinet hardware also adds to this new look. Older hardware might even hold layers of dirt and grime that make the kitchen look dirty and dingy. Larger hardware can break up the look of wood while removing hardware can create a clean, simple look. These changes all offer an affordable alternative to new cabinets.

Is Refacing Cabinets Cheaper?

Refacing cabinets is often cheaper than replacing all your kitchen cabinets and drawers. One reason for this is that refacing keeps the boxes in place. In turn, you don’t need to pay for new boxes, or the labor needed for cabinet replacement.

However, new kitchen cabinets might be a better choice than kitchen cabinet refacing in some cases. For instance, deeper cabinets offer more storage space. Adjustable shelving allows you to create customized storage options.

Additionally, you might replace old and damaged cabinets rather than opt for refacing or refinishing. Warped cabinet boxes or ones with severely chipped and cracked wood can make your entire kitchen seem outdated and neglected. New cabinets can then mean added storage and style, and an updated look in the space. You also won’t need to worry about that damage spreading and creating sunken areas or cabinets that might sag and warp over the years.

Does Refacing Cabinets Add Value?

Whether or not refacing cabinets will add value to your home depends on materials chosen and your area’s current market demands. However, keep in mind that kitchens often sell homes! Outdated and downright ugly kitchens might turn off buyers. On the other hand, updated kitchens can draw in buyers and fetch higher offers.

Consequently, you might consider refacing or at least refinishing your cabinets if you’re thinking of putting your home on the market. Refacing covers damaged areas, as said, making cabinets look like new. It can also update older cabinets that have an unstylish appearance.

Refinishing and refacing also allows you to replace a few doors with glass, for a more open look. A fresh color can also affect the kitchen’s entire appearance. In turn, you might make a small kitchen look larger, which can also add to your home’s desirability. A kitchen renovation contractor can also advise on your best options for updating your home’s cabinetry!

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