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Every home deserves some TLC. You live here, this is your little corner of the world so let’s take care of it with the help of these fantastic home styling techniques. If you find yourself searching for home styling techniques for your home, you’ve landed in the right place.


Size matters when you’re styling your home. If your room is large you need to find pieces that make a statement, from bold, bespoke curtains, to feature furnishings and artwork to fill your space and complement the room and your style. For example, if your room boasts large, empty walls you may feel the room lacking in character and definition, therefore the introduction of beautiful, large pieces of artwork commissioned just for you and your home is the perfect addition to your living space.

Equally, if your home is intimate and cosy, you should avoid filling the spaces with overly large pieces of furnishings. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sit on small sofas and chairs, but something that doesn’t over fill your space such as a double corner or large L shape. For the smaller space, introducing made to measure blinds and voiles is a beautiful addition to your space instead of large fabric curtains.

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Features in a home don’t always have to be in the form of beautiful contrasting wallpaper and feature walls. In fact, anything from a statement sculpture to statement lighting and furnishings comes under the feature category when styling your home. The beautiful thing about feature décor is the ability to create a striking focal point as you walk into any room, something that dominates the space perfectly whilst complementing all your other pieces of décor around your living space.

One of our personal favourites when styling your home is a statement light fitting over a dining table, centre island, or even a bar area. A stylish pendant light or chandelier is perfect to illuminate any room, creating the wow factor, adding a pop of elegance and ambience to your space, get ready to impress your guests with this one.

Ban the Clutter

Nothing spoils a living space more than clutter and mess. It’s time to get into the habit of putting thing away as soon as you’ve used it to create a clutter free living space. You may not realise this, but a cluttered household really deters from the look and style you are trying to achieve so it’s always best to start good habits to create a beautiful home with a real focus on your new home style.


Contrasts inside the home create a living space with definition and character. These contrasts avoid flat environments lacking in some oomph. Contrasts don’t always have to be in colour, particularly if you’re wanting to carry through a very aesthetically pleasing neutral vibe with not much variation in colour. You can introduce a variety of textures, fabrics, soft furnishings, and accent décor such as pampas and a complementing vase. This way, you can retain the desired colour scheme whilst creating character and definition, avoiding a flat, bland feel to your home.

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