How Much Should You Pay for a Garage Door Opener?


Having a working garage door opener brings a little more convenience to every day. If you have not bought one before, or you have a broken one and need to replace it, it’s helpful to know more about these gadgets and what they should cost. Homeowners don’t want to pay more than they have to, and armed with information, they won’t have to.

Price Ranges for Garage Door Openers

There is a range of prices that are normal for most openers. There is a cheaper end and a more expensive end depending on which type you choose. There are three different types of opener: the chain-drive, screw-drive, and belt-drive. All three of these have their own average costs.

  • Chain-drive: This type of garage door opener tends to be louder than the other types, but they come at a lower garage door opener cost. You can expect to pay anywhere from $150 to $200 for the opener and another $150 to $300 for the labor required to install it.
  • Screw-drive: These openers are between the other two, being moderate in price as well as having a moderate level of noise.
  • Belt-drive: A belt-drive type is generally the quietest type of opener. It is also highly durable, but it does come with a slightly higher price tag at about $250 for the opener and anywhere from $150 to $300 for the labor needed.

According to Angi, previously known as Angie’s List, homeowners who installed a garage door opener paid an average of $428, with a range of $350 to $500 for both product and installation.

Is Your Garage Door Opener Under Warranty?

When it’s time for a new opener, many people wonder if there are warranties for these items and whether their unit may have one. Different brands and models have different warranties on them. Many have warranties that last for a few years, while others come with a lifetime warranty.

To find out about your model, look back through your records for the paperwork that accompanied it. You may find out that your model includes garage door opener repairs or maintenance services. Usually, an opener can be expected to last about ten years.

For homeowners who are considering whether or not to install a garage opener, it pays to check with several different companies how much the labor costs. The opener itself will generally have the same pricing from one store to another, but labor costs can vary widely.

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