How to Reduce Highway Noise at Home?

For most of us, home is where we relax, experience moments of peace, and escape from the outside world. However, most of the time, this fortress is invaded by highway noise, construction works, neighbors, or even pedestrians.

While this may be a characteristic of modern-day life, it doesn’t mean we have to endure it. This article outlines how to reduce highway noise at home.

Finding a way to highway noise reduction may look like a hopeless attempt, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Luckily, there are several ways to do this.

Build a Fence.

Erecting a fence around the home can help block unwanted noise from getting in the house. Get a solid structure like bricks, stone, board fences, or a solid stockade and build a high fence around the home.

Fill all the open spaces along the ground using pressure-treated timbers. While doing this, remember to confirm with local authorities for rules and regulations about the same.

It is not safe to start building a fence only to realize that it is not allowed in the neighborhood. Also, ensure the fence is built along a personal property line.

Plant and Shape Hedges around the Home.

Hedges are an attractive method of highway noise reduction. Trunks, branches, leaves, and twigs provide a physical barrier to noise from the highway. Similar to a fence, hedges keep sounds from outside out of sight and minimize the loudness.

Furthermore, hedges are aesthetically pleasing, and scientifically, plants play a role in reducing anxiety and stress. Bring the plants to maturity for effective noise prevention.

Place a Fountain near The House.

Flowing water performs two important things; it creates a peaceful environment and silences the noise from outside.

A fountain will make a continuous gurgle, which might be the same frequency as anything loud like a washing machine. However, the sound of flowing water is much more pleasing to hear compared to highway noise.

Place the fountain close enough to the home, and it will help silence unwanted noise. There is no need for an expensive fountain to get this done; even a simple one can do it as long as it is close to the house.

Remember, fountains are seasonal, so unless users live in a warm area, there will be no need to get one running throughout the year.

Install soundproof window

Soundproof glass windows are designed specifically for noise reduction for up to 42 decibels. This practice is done through double glazing. Double layers of glass are fitted into a single frame trapping external sounds between them.


Allowing highway sounds to affect peaceful days and nights at home is not only unpleasant but unhealthy too.

For startup tips on reducing highway noise, build a fence around the home, install soundproof windows, plant and tend to hedges around the home, and place a water fountain near the house. The fountain does not have to be luxurious or expensive, even a simple one will do as long as it is operational and is next to the house.

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