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There was a time when people decorated their vicinity with floral prints and traditional items handed down by their ancestors. But that decoration style went out of fashion, and the modern way of living sprung up everywhere and was welcomed by all. But the times have changed. The same farmhouse-style furniture, floral prints, egg baskets, knitted blankets with the same hand mittens, and much more.

The country-style doesn’t need to be for the people who live in suburban areas, this style is for everybody, and you can decorate your home even living in extreme urban places. For instance, take the leather chesterfield sofa, you can have it in your country house, but you can keep the same living in a high rise. It’s just the decoration that gives the complete rustic look.

What is a country-style?

Country-style housing is a balance between the modern trend and the old values that we preserve. The best part is that the construction is done in the farmhouse style with plants and pottery everywhere. Usually, this type of housing is done with bigger houses, but nowadays, you can see the same in small living spaces. You need to revamp it.

The best ways to style your country home:

Many people may find the country lifestyle a bit boring and old fashioned, but the opposite is true. If you know how to style your country home, then it is the best place to live. You can have a cross between the new and old and create some astonishing interiors. Moreover, the unique style can become an icon of diversity and gain popularity instantly.

Have a look at the ideas given below. You can take one as a whole or mix and match some aspects for a completely new aura.

Go green:

The farmhouse style is all about nature, so why not incorporate the same into your country home. Take the green color and smash it with some pure white to create a medley of shades. Throw in some florals and plants for a realistic look. With that, take some green prints and use them as pillow covers for the center sofa. Keep a green mat on the coffee table and place a few frames which have nature painted on it. Try to match this scheme with a leather chesterfield sofa.


Keep traditional furnishings:

If you style your country home only in a modern way, then it would lose its charm.  You have to keep the traditional style alive by keeping traditional furnishings such as plush upholstery and curved furnishings. Opt for a round or semi-circle sofa as a centerpiece. It would instantly become a spotlight.

Use patterns:

Despite the world turning towards neutral shades, the country style is still famous for traditional colors.  It will enhance the main area and then use the neutral shades as secondary colors with small prints. This way, you can keep a leather chesterfield sofa in front of a wall with a patterned design. It will give an intense environment full of different vibes.

Use natural materials:

Nothing looks better than things that are made of natural materials, especially wood. Decorate your country-style house with wooden furniture such as a wooden table made of oak. Have exposed wooden beams and wood panels that will look attractive. Other than that, the intricate designs and withered wood works well with so many interior styles, even modern or contemporary.

You can also have fun with some reclaimed material. Make some DIY with barn doors and table shacks and convert them into sliding doors and windows.

Have a fireplace:

No country home is complete without a fireplace. So if you have an original fireplace, it is better to restore it. But if there isn’t, then renovate the room and make some space for it. The fireplaces were initially used for cooking and heating, but now they are used only for heating purposes. Create a brick wall as a background and then have a fireplace. It will look unique and modern with a leather chesterfield sofa beside it.

Open shelves in the kitchen:

Too many cabinets will undoubtedly secure the crockery but sometimes keeping pots and pans in an open space looks quite chic. It could be pretty tricky to utilize the nooks and corners but have some open shelves on the maine wall. Furthermore, you can showcase the glassware and other items for a modern look.

Create a mudroom:

Nothing is better than a clean home free of dirt. The same style you can have in your country home creates a mudroom where you can keep shoes, jackets, and overalls. It would be beneficial in winters because you can store the snowy umbrella there too. With that, keep some baskets for the clothes for laundry and a dirt bin for extra garbage.


Styling a country home could be fun if you follow the given guidelines. Furthermore, it also depends on which country you live in, so keep in mind the traditions and culture you follow. Make sure that the country-style home is stylish yet modern, which oozes warmth and softness. Let’s say you have a leather chesterfield sofa in your country home, so make sure the decorations and renovations are done according to the theme.

So what are you waiting for right now? Go ahead and do the renovations and create a stunning country home worth of social media pictures.

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