Options for Updating or Creating a Fireplace

Many people desire the aesthetic and comfort of having a fireplace in their home, whether it is used for hanging Christmas stockings or as a source of heat in inclement weather. Regardless if you have an existing structure that cannot be used or no structure at all, you do have options to creating that cozy atmosphere you have always dreamed of.

Create Your Cozy Space

It could be you no longer use your fireplace because you are just tired of stoking fires, cleaning up wood bark and ashes, and maintaining the chimney. Maybe you have a wood-burning fireplace that no longer works leaving you an empty hole, but running gas piping is not an alternative. Continue decorating it, fill the empty space with candles, flowers, or logs, or get back your warm, inviting space by purchasing an insert.

If your current home is not already equipped with a fireplace, but you have always dreamed of sitting by a cozy fire after a long day, you are not alone. There are options to easily fix this issue and get what you want.

Electric Fireplace

The great thing about electric fireplaces is that they are energy-efficient and cost-effective. You can find inserts that fit into your existing space, or you can simply replace your natural logs with an electric log set. It is important to understand that you do have to have an electrical outlet close to the fireplace in order to plug it in. If you do not have one nearby or you don’t want to see the cord running down the wall, an outlet will need to be installed inside the fireplace.

If you do not have an existing structure, then you can purchase the entire unit with a mantel and situate it wherever you want in your home with an outlet close by. For that matter, you can plug one in your living room, bedroom, or any room in your house. There are many styles and sizes to choose from, including traditional stand-alone pieces to units with built-ins and space for a large screen tv.

Ethanol Fireplace

If electrical outlets are an issue to the desired location of the unit, consider an ethanol fireplace as offered by Bioflame. A bio fireplace can be a smart and environmentally friendly alternative to a fireplace with a chimney. The bio fireplace is pipeless, but still emits a lot of heat. The fireplace burns on bioethanol, and depending on the size, it can generate anywhere from 1500 – 10,000 watts. One thing to think about is if you live in an area where the electricity goes out in inclement weather and you would like to use your fireplace for heat, a bio fireplace is a great alternative.

These fireboxes can convert any existing fireplace, but they are also very easy to install anywhere inside and outside your home in any unique design feature. An outdoor patio can be used year-round with stylish outdoor units. Another advantage is that there is no smoke that can irritate allergies. Refilling the fuel and lighting is simple, and there is no odor when burning.

There are many reasons why wood-burning fireplaces may not be used. Keeping up with the chimney cleaning, a local ban due to pollution, or it is not structurally sound. Converting this space or creating your own is an easy option. The selections are vast, and you will easily find something that fits your style and needs. Bioflame delivers bio fireplaces in many different sizes and types. Feel free to contact us for more information on how we can assist you in choosing your new bio fireplace.

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