Simple Renovations That Will Improve Your Property’s Value

When you are feeling ready to sell your property, you are certainly going to want the best return on your original investment. Many homeowners, however, aren’t familiar or confident enough to take on substantial renovations themselves, leaving them doubting their ability to achieve an appropriate asking price for their home. While there is the option of hiring external contractors, the cost can often work against personal budgets.

In this scenario, simple renovations, those that will also increase the value of a property, are ideal endeavours. Thankfully, there are many of them too. We’ve put together a list of relatively low-cost home renovation projects that will enable homeowners ready to sell their property to do so quickly and with a greater likelihood of achieving their asking price.

Freshen With Paint 

Over time, a home’s pristine condition deteriorates. While visitors and potential buyers might spot this degradation immediately, it can be difficult for homeowners, since they are more likely to have grown accustomed to the changing conditions. Before selling a home, painting walls, both interior and exterior, should be a priority because it is often the task that makes the greatest impression, helping newcomers see the property as clean and vitalised. 

Design For Future-proofing 

As technology works its way into our homes, leading to new developments in smart home culture, the concept of future-proofing becomes more important for new buyers. For example, as petrol-based cars become replaced with electric vehicles, homes with charging stations are more sought after.

While many homes have the potential to install such a feature, the renovation required can often be invasive and costly, requiring total rewiring. If such features are already part of the property, a house on the market becomes much more appealing for its future-proofed assets. They might seem relatively costly but, when combined with other renovations they become substantially more affordable.

The Home Office 

For many years, the number of bedrooms has been a key feature on estate agents listings, often being a key indicator of value. However, as more residents begin working from home, extra rooms are also being marketed as offices, enabling people to host a professional space on their property. For those without much internal space, summer houses and outbuildings are becoming more affordable and practical, making them the ideal choice for homes with gardens. 

Concentrate On Storage 

The efficiency of space is a universally appealing feature of a home. Buyers will often fixate on potential floor plans and capacities because it allows them the opportunity to get the most potential out of their new home. As a result, tweaking your home’s design to ensure that it is not only tidy but with great storage capabilities, will increase its value. Consider your current furniture and how it could be potentially combined with storage space, such as beneath sofas and beds, for maximum potential. 

Curb Appeal 

A phrase you’ll hear often is curb appeal, which essentially means your home’s first impression, including all features that can be seen from ‘the curb’. So, if you are limited by your means to renovation your home, those most advantageous to sale price will be the ones that make a great first impression, such as facades and gardens.

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