Simple Ways to Make your Staircase the Focal Point

Most people are very particular when building or decorating their homes. They fill their new haven with details, but most don’t think much about the staircase. They don’t consider turning the staircase magical, giving it an appealing look and making it a focal point of your home. It is possible to create a beautifully detailed staircase, adding a touch of beauty and elegance to your home.

Check out simple, incredible ways to make your staircase beautiful and artistic.

How to Make your Home Staircase Focal Point

Custom Railings 

You can get beautifully tailored custom railings that will create the first impression on anyone who enters your home. With so many options, you will find a custom rail that will serve its purpose, make your home look beautiful, and last for the longest time. A custom railing also adds value to your home if you think of selling it in the future, so when you are shopping, make a wise investment. You can choose designs from wood, steel, glass, aluminum, and cast iron custom railings.

Add Lights 

Adding light to your staircase will make it unique and beautiful. The lights will contrast with the rail colors, making it more attractive. Here are different ways you can add lighting to your staircase.

  • Linear step lights: you can make your staircase stand out with LED lighting. Using aluminum channels, you can use thin strip LED lights recessed in the wall. The result is glare-free illumination that gives soft lighting on the staircase.
  • Illuminated handrails: the lighting technology has shrunk in the past, meaning you can light anywhere. You can incorporate lights in glass handrails, while you can do cable railing on wooden rails. The lighting on wooden railing steps gives your staircase a unique look.

Use floor tiles

Suppose you would love to turn your staircase bold; try a tile riser. The design is cost-effective, but it creates an impression that you spent a million bucks on it. If you are wondering which tiles to use, try the porcelain. It’s sturdy, lasts for a long time, and is hard to tear. There is a wide range of decorative tiles you can choose from that can be matched with your décor to give your staircase a cohesive look. You can DIY this tile riser because once you measure the first tile, you don’t have to measure the others; use the first piece, place it on top of the other, and cut.

Combine Light Colors

If you want your home to maintain an aesthetic look, you better combine colors. You can decide on the staircase case color once you decide whether to use salvaged wood, solid oak, or pine for flooring. Then you can choose the colors that will match your staircase colors.

For example, if you use classic white, it’s an excellent color if you are looking for a classic look. The white paint can hide the wood imperfections, making your staircase shine and brightening your house.


Most homeowners overlook the staircase design, yet there are many possibilities to make your staircase look beautiful and unique. You can start with custom railings, lighting the stairs, and painting your favorite light colors. Be creative and experiment with different possibilities to make your staircase stand out.

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