Small Bathroom Design Tips to Save Space

If your bathroom is a little on the small side and you are thinking of renovating in the near future, there are many ways that you can make the best use of the available space. The interior designer would create a ‘to scale’ room plan, which would help to plan the layout, and with that in mind, here are a few tips on designing a small bathroom.

  • Colour Combinations – Ideally, you should choose no more than two main colours, and light shades make a room look more spacious, with popular choices of yellow and white, or a pale blue and cream. Talk to any bathroom renovation company and they would have a wealth of experience and can certainly make a few suggestions on suitable colour combinations.
  • Bespoke Cupboards & Shelving – A small bathroom demands bespoke storage solutions, which makes good use of those alcoves and corners, with shelving in recesses and perhaps a custom-made storage cupboard if there is a suitable corner that is empty. A bathroom renovation firm would have the know-how and the equipment to create made to measure storage, making the best use of the available space.
  • Large Tiles are Preferred – Whether on the wall or on the floor, larger size tiles will make the room appear a little larger than it actually is. The bathroom renovator would have a fine catalogue of ceramic tiles to choose from, and they can acquire materials at trade price, which will save you some money.
  • Replace the Bath with a Corner Shower Unit – While it is nice to have a long, hot soak after a hard day at work, removing the bath will give you a few more much needed square metres, and with a corner shower unit, you have much more floor space. Once you have experienced a digital shower, you will wonder how you managed without it, plus a hot water on demand digital shower will save energy.
  • Use Hooks – Hooks can be used to hang towels, which means you don’t need that small storage shelf, which keeps the floor space to an optimum, essential in any small room layout. You can also hang a towel or bathrobe from the inside of the door, and every little helps.

If you hire a good bathroom renovation firm, they would have a few tricks to gain a little extra space, and with bespoke solutions and small furniture, the room will have balanced proportions.

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