Standing Desk: The truth behind it.

Standing desks are all the rage right now. If you are thinking what a standing desk is, then you have come to the right place! These desks assist you in your so called “desk jobs” by making you stand rather than sitting. When you work for long hours, your body hurts and that’s when standing desks comes to action. It is proven that these desks can reduce back pain which normally occurs due to long hours of sitting.

Desks: a benefit for long hours.

Adjustable standing desks help in reducing back pain and helps in burning calories too. It is quite modern and flexible. The height of the desk can be adjusted according to your height and is made up of very good durable material for example our bestselling L-shaped standing SmartDesk which has an option of 30 day trial. The standing desk doesn’t affect your productivity; instead it increases the efficiency of an individual.  Wrong postures get corrected automatically due to standing; yes, it may take some time adjusting to the new way of lifestyle but in the end it supports your health- and that is the ultimate goal. It also brings about positivity to your body and mind. If you had any doubts regarding investing on standing desks, this should push you over to buy it right away.

It is not necessary that you need to buy a brand new standing desk to use it. Existing desks can be converted into a standing desk by just increasing its height a bit at an affordable price. Rather than sitting all day in front of a screen, standing is a better option. People have doubts on how can standing desks burn calories! It is proven that standing desks do burn calories. While standing the number of calories burned is slightly more than sitting.

Standing desks have health benefits like;

  • It cures obesity and diabetes.
  • It reduces the chances of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Also prevents cancer or premature death.

The truth of standing desks.

It would be incorrect to say that standing desks are very comfortable! But actually it takes certain tricks and techniques in order to get adjusted to standing while working. There is no certain limit or extent to stand but research shows that beginners should not exceed standing for more than 10 hours. The hours keep differing from individual to individual according to their health. And there is no concrete rule that one cannot sit while standing.

If you are looking for another variety of standing desks, it’s the L-shaped standing desk which is a smart desk that’s ergonomic, customizable and quite resourceful. The shape of it makes it fit to any corner of the room. The desk comes with an anti-rust steel frame that s easy to assemble. It’s inbuilt with a triple motor system that makes it unbelievably strong and efficient. It has 4 height settings to go well with a variety of sitting and standing requirements. It has a weight carrying capacity of around 330lbs and is automated with the help of buttons. These desks have ample space for using it as an extra area for crafts or hobbies or simply for decoration. You could use it in whatever way you prefer. And the best part of the L-shaped standing desk is that it has a 5 year warranty on the frame and 10 year warranty for its top. Hence, you don’t have to worry about its longevity and efficiency. There are lots of advantages of standing desks, and if you are a person who still sits while working, you must give a try to such ergonomic office desks; after all it’s not a loss.

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