Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Property

Glad you want to buy a property! But do you know where to start? Here are the things you need to know before taking this essential step in your life! You are taking the first steps in one of the most significant achievements of your life – Buying your property!

Location And Neighborhood

One aspect that must be analyzed before buying a property is the location of this property. In the most central region of each city, properties tend to appreciate more quickly, to the detriment of those on the outskirts. Either way, you may prefer to live near important centers, suitable for families with children. Note if there are hospitals, daycare centers, schools, and valuable services such as supermarkets, grocery stores, pharmacies, or convenience stores.


Another issue that those who are going to purchase a property must be considered is security. Suppose there is a police round on the neighborhood streets if there is a monitoring service by cameras, an internal TV circuit in the common premises of the condominiums. Talk to people in the neighborhood, find out about burglaries and burglaries. Investigate. Asking does not offend, and you will be safer with this information.

Set The Number Of Rooms

This is an essential question – how many rooms does your property from Quadwalls need to accommodate the people living with you. How big are these rooms? Dependence for separate employees, suites, and office – all these alternatives must be checked before going out to look for a property to buy.


In this regard, you may have heard that only those who register the property owner it. So, find out about the history of this property – check the modifications to the plant, see how it was acquired, if there is any pending documentation due to inventories or legal disputes such as arrests and disposals.

You get this data by searching the Registry of General Property and the city hall. For new properties, check the question of the occupancy permit, which is the registration of authorization for housing. Remember that 90% of bureaucracies fall apart when buying a new property and you will have the first registration automatically issued in your name.

Payment Methods

FGTS, Real estate financing, loans, savings, property sale… there are many forms of payment for the purchase of property today. The ideal is to talk to your bank manager, who will be able to outline the best strategies for you to buy your property based on your income and relationship history. In addition, there are still other forms of acquisition, such as barter and real estate credit lines. Pay attention to interest rates and other fees inherent to real estate financing.

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