Tips To Improve Your Foundation Drainage

In order for the home to stay strong, it is essential that the foundation doesn’t have any problems. If there are any drainage problems in the foundation, they have to be detected early so people can call the foundation repair expert to conduct drain pipe installation Arlington tx.


When there is rain the soil absorbs the water and expands pushing the foundation up. When there is a change in the weather, the water freezes, drying out the soil making the foundation settle in causing more damage problems.

Signs that tell the problems with the drainage below the foundation

  1. When there is damage to the drains below the foundation, there will be cracks on the wall or on the foundation.
  2. When the issue with the foundation is very serious, the wall will be bowed. But the walls should not bow more than three inches.
  3. The floor will have sagged or uneven in this case.
  4. When the foundation is sinking, the doors and windows will not open properly.
  5. The water gets accumulated around the house making the soil swell and this, in turn, puts more pressure on the foundation.

Tips to avoid foundation drainage problems

The main reason for any sort of foundation issue is water. So to prevent these issues, water has to be removed.

  1. Always clean the gutter to avoid spilling water on the side of the foundation of the house.
  2. It is advisable to waterproof the foundation, by insulating the basement walls from outside to make sure water doesn’t seep through the walls.
  3. If there is any damage that requires some repairs it is necessary to tackle that before the problem gets serious.

Installing a drainage system

To keep the basement dry, it is important to maintain a drain system by forcing water away from the foundation using drain pipe installation Arlington TX.

Options in which drainage system can be installed includes

1.   Foundation Drains

This is for wet basements. After installing or repairing, the excess water should be directed to a sump pump for removing any moisture from the foundation.

2.   French Drain

This is a pipe that can carry water away from the house. This includes water running away from the garden or driveway.

3.   Sump Pump

This is the best solution for interior draining. This sump pump collects water into a pit for a certain level and once it is filled the water will be removed from the foundation.

Steps required to install a drainage pipe

A drainage pipe has to be installed by drain pipe installation arlington tx to reduce water damage and erosion. The steps that are involved in the installation of drainage pipe includes

  1. The first step of the process includes marking the path where the drain has to be installed.
  2. A deep trench has to be dug where the drainage has to end.
  3. The pipe has to be attached
  4. The trench has to be filled to support the drainage system.


If there are any possible damage signs with the drainage system, it is better to schedule an inspection and be sure that the foundation doesn’t have any problems. It is better to make ways to remove the excess water from the foundation to be secure and safe.

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