Top Tips And Tricks To Keep Pests Out Of Your Space

Cockroaches, flies, termites, ants, and their party are household nuisances. Pests can rule your home if you fail to take charge. They can spread diseases, escalate some health conditions and make your home a living hell. If this describes your home pest control Idaho Falls can help you regain the control you’ve lost to the menace.

However, before calling pests control services near you, use these tips and tricks to keep your home free from all pests.

  • Keep the kitchen spotless clean- the kitchen is a critical room in a home. You prepare food and drinks from the counters, equipment, and other surfaces. Pests can hide and reproduce to colonize the kitchen if you leave dirt and dampness on working surfaces. Therefore, clean the surfaces with warm soapy water and disinfect regularly. Additionally, sweep the floor and wipe the walls as often as they get dirty. Ensure the bins are emptied and disinfected to discourage pests from multiplying.
  • Maintaining the bathroom tidy and dry-humidity in the toilet is a catalyst for the multiplication of pests in the home. Ensure the bathroom is always clean and dry. You can leave the windows open to encourage free circulation of air. Use a reliable toilet cleaner to keep the toilet free from germs. Do not forget the sink and the drainage pipes beneath. If anything requires fixing, do it immediately to discourage clogging.
  • Ensure all water is flowing– stagnant water can form dirty paddles where mosquitoes breed. Clean the area around the home, clear bushes, and drain all stagnant water areas. Avoid containers that can trap water and frequently air condition the kitchen drawers. Alternatively, clean and leave drawers open to allow free air circulation.
  • Dispose of garbage regularly– a garbage bin in the kitchen is an eyesore. Garbage disposal is an essential element in keeping pests away from your kitchen. Ideally, empty the kitchen garbage bin every day or as often as deemed necessary. The waste in the bin quickly decomposes to give an unpleasant odor that attracts flies and ants. Consequently, they spread diseases to your pets and family members.
  • Maintain your lawn– the garden is a potential culprit for pests and rodents in the home. Ensure you fill pits, holes, and puddles as soon as they appear. If you have a water feature in the yard, clean it regularly and treat it to discourage pests from colonizing it. Remember to trim hedges and clear bushy growths. The practice keeps rats, mice, and termites away. It also destroys mosquito-breeding sheds.
  • Store tools and equipment outside-maintain your house tidy by keeping clutter outside. You can erect a small cabin where you keep buckets, shoes, gumboots, wheelbarrows, and farm tools. Keep tools, materials, and equipment outside to ensure no pests get transferred into the house. Alternatively, keep them in the garage and train your children on the need to leave their play items there.

Parting Shot

Simple cleaning measures can help you keep pests away from home. However, if your tricks and tips don’t suffice, don’t hesitate to call a pest control service provider near you for professional intervention.

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