Using Lighting to Enhance Your Home

There is nothing like the right lighting to enhance your space at home. Statement lighting that bodes taste and function stands front and centre of any room. When you’re looking to generate a particular atmosphere and vibe in your home, you need to consider the look, feel, material, and function of your lighting choice.

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When illuminating your space, consider the room you’re working with. If we’re looking at hallway lighting with a sweeping staircase, you can introduce a rainfall cascaded chandelier to flow naturally down the centre of the sweeping staircase, adding a central focus, commanding your attention as you walk into the room. Illuminating your hallway in such a way sets the tone for the rest of your home. This luxurious, artistic approach is extremely high-end and revolutionary.

Finding a range of lights that are functional, provide the perfect amount of illumination and elevate your room to the perfect level is exactly what every home needs. We see too many homes dulled down by lack of lighting or lack of the right lighting, even too much light. We’re creating an artistic canvas, beautifully executed and delivered.

Expertly placed lighting will bring any design project to life from the offset. Lighting when done properly creates height, and definition, cosy spots, and illuminates the very areas you need illuminating. Getting the right balance of light and dark within a room will bring the right ambiance to your space, setting the tone to the rest of your home. We recommend hiring a lighting expert to tell you exactly which spots in your home need illuminating or shading.

Much like your décor, furniture pieces, and soft furnishings, your lighting is as important as every aspect of your home. You can entirely transform your space with just the flick of a switch. Solid lighting is what makes a house home, adding atmosphere and bringing personality, character, and ambiance to the table. Combing the right collection of lighting will bring your room together.

In one room, you need to find the right balance of downlights, up lights, wall lights, feature lighting, and floor lighting, to create the right atmosphere and depth in your space. Each room and its function require a different solution to your lighting requirements. Where your kitchen requires bright lighting for cooking, your dining area or bar area may require atmospheric lighting for entertaining.

We all require visual stimulation in our homes, which is what makes artificial lighting so important. We need to emphasise our interior design to add finesse to our homes. Lighting enables you to create focal points, from dining table centre pieces and kitchen island floral arrangements your lighting can amplify these areas, entirely transforming your home.

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