What is House Leveling? (What to Expect)

House leveling is a foundation repair procedure that involves lifting and leveling a house that is settling back to its original condition.

It’s a structural problem causing a home to sink at one end or several structure locations. However, house leveling fixes the situation and addresses what will prevent the same damage from happening in the future.

Likewise, erosion, soil conditions, burst pipes, poor exterior drainage and tree roots can also assist home sinking or sagging to uneven floors. It’s vital to improve places that contribute to settling a foundation before house leveling for lasting remedy.

What Does Leveling a House Mean?

Leveling a house means your house is being lifted for a leveling procedure to stabilize your house foundation. Foundation repair companies carry house leveling out. House dwellers rarely notice small variations when their building foundation elevates. 

The unstable foundation mostly contributes to cracks in some areas like walls and ceilings. An unstable foundation is a factor resulting in plumbing problems and sticking door jams which leveling can solve. 

Is It Worth It to Level a House?

All houses will experience foundation settling over time. Reoccurring foundation settling may result in damages, which may cost the loss of lives and property. Since the foundation is the substructure that holds every other thing, a threat to the foundation is a threat to all.

So, house leveling is arguably the most crucial repair in a building because if a foundation fails, the structural value of a building drops.

What Happens When You Level a House?

House leveling involves carrying out a foundation repair to allow your house to level. It’s employed to stabilize the foundation. When you level a house, foundation repair companies instantly work to repair issues that cause foundation problems.

Reasons a House Needs Leveling

House leveling is a structural repair of a foundation that focuses on lifting a house that has settled to its earlier position.

Factors that cause foundation settling include:

  • Poorly backfilled soil

When the underneath soil of your foundation is not backfilled appropriately, signs of crack may show as the soil begins to shift.

  • Expansive soil.

Expanding and shrinking in a certain soil leads to shifting and an unwanted foundation movement. 

  • Tree roots

Tree roots not far from your home suck up soil water beneath the foundation, which causes shift or sink.


It will be best if professionals handle the repair because house leveling requires experts. 

According to HomeAdvisor, if a whole house is unevenly distributed or not level, it will be great if lifted, repaired, and the existing house is reinstalled on the new foundation.

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