What To Do With The Food In The Fridge When Relocating From A Place To Another

The food in the fridge is a question that most people have when moving, as moving companies like alliance moving company usually recommend turning off the fridge between 4 and 8 hours before transport. This is because the freezer and even frozen foods can release water and wet the other items in your move.   Considering this possibility, removing everything from your refrigerator is the best thing to do.

Thus, if it is a long residential move to another state, for example, it is recommended to plan so that on the day of transport, you do not have any more food in the fridge. If this is not possible, donate the rest to acquaintances or friends.

However, if the move is short, you can store these foods in coolers and take them to your new home. However, remember that the refrigerator after transport should only be turned on after 4 or 5 hours; this avoids accidents and damage caused by the refrigeration gas.

Often, foods close to expiration dates or that you know you will no longer consume should be thrown away. In addition, your refrigerator should also be clean to ensure that bacteria do not increase, as it will be outside operating temperature or at a different temperature than usual.

How To Dispose Of The Packaging For Change After The Service

After your move, one thing is always sure: you will have a pile of waste, leftover bubble wrap, and cardboard boxes. So, in addition to the nuisance in your new home, these packages can cause terrible damage to the environment when disposed of incorrectly. In conclusion, many moving companies are responsible for collecting the material and its correct disposal.

Glass And Mirrors

This is the concern of most people when thinking about packaging for change; however, don’t worry! That way, with the suitable materials and extra care, the windows and mirrors of your move will be very safe during transport.

In summary, the center of the glass and mirror hardly breaks, but the corners are very fragile. Apply a layer of corrugated cardboard for change or make a very thick edge of the cardboard.

First, before ironing the bubble wrap, secure the corners with plenty of adhesive tapes and make sure they don’t come loose. It is necessary that, when resting on the floor, the piece is at least two fingers apart, supported by cardboard corners.

After making the cardboard protection, wrap the sides with layers of bubble wrap. Once again, the most crucial tip by alliance moving company of this step is: don’t save money on packaging.

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