Who’s Up There; How To Choose a Reliable Roofing Contractor

The roofing company you choose to place a cover on your home determines the safety and longevity of the roof. Imagine spending a fortune building a permanent structure only to ruin it with the wrong choice of a roofing contractor. Professional roofers are challenging to find. However, searching and asking for referrals from other homeowners can help you find a reliable contractor.

Tips for selecting a reliable roofer

  1. Referrals

Do you have friends, relatives and colleagues who have completed a building project recently? You can ask them to refer a reliable roofer if they appreciate the work done on their residential or commercial property. Your close relations will often give you details about their experience with contractors. Hiring the same company will give you similar or better results than your referrals.

  1. Research reviews and reports

Many roofers have an online presence. You can check their website and see what they say about their projects. Further, you can read online reviews and see their interactions with former clients. What do former clients say about their quality? Does the roofer deliver according to the agreed working schedule? Are they good at repairs, maintenance or installing a new roof?

  1. Licenses, permits and certificate

Your roofing company should have valid permits to operate in your locality. Different states have varying roofing standards for residential and commercial projects. Therefore, ensure the roofer understands the roofing standards to protect you from lawsuits and losses. Remember to ask about insurance to protect you from liabilities during the construction.

  1. Understand the roofing contract

Roofing contractors offer different types of services. It is critical to understand your need against the services the roofer provides. Common roofing services include;

  • Insulating
  • Roof inspection for leaks and damages
  • Ventilating
  • Roof cleaning
  • Shoveling to remove ice sheets and snow
  • Sealing, treating and painting metal and wood roofs

The roofing service you require will determine the price and time spent to complete the project. Your need also helps you decide if you need to hire a roofing company or a contractor to handle minor issues.

  1. Ask for bids

Roofing your residential or commercial building is an expensive affair. Therefore, ask a few contractors to provide you with roofing bids to help you choose the most suitable for your budget. Bids help you choose the best price against the experience and quality of work you need for your project. However, the ids should not blindfold you from asking for their licenses, permits and qualifications.

  1. Your roofing needs

What type of roofing material do you prefer? Asphalt shingles are the preferred roofing option. Consequently, most roofers can handle common roofing materials. However, materials such as natural slates, clay tiles and cedar shakes require specialized skills.


Hire a roofing company to help you place a quality cover over your head. You can start by asking friends for reliable roofers. Remember to confirm licenses, permits and insurance to cover you from lawsuits and losses. Choosing a reliable roofing company guarantees you professional services for years to come.

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