Why Should You Clean Your House Before Moving Out?


You need to take care of a lot of things when moving to a new home. You need to organize and pack all your belongings, make lists, hire a moving company, get time off from your work, and a lot more. That means you have very limited time to clean your home. Fortunately, you can search for “cleaning services near me” and hire professionals for the job. However, some people skip cleaning their old homes. Here’s why you should clean your house before moving out.

The Details

  1. Resale opportunity – If you’re a homeowner who is selling his old home and moving to a new one, cleaning can bring a lot of monetary benefits. Even before you move out of your old home, you list your old home on the market. If demand in the housing market is high enough and you get a competent real estate agent, he or she would be able to arrange visits from potential buyers at least a couple of days before you move out. If your home is in a mess when potential buyers visit the place, that’s all they are going to see and most of them are going to look for other properties.

For new homeowners, cleanliness is very important since it helps them assess certain other things. Apart from being disgusted by the messy sight as soon as your potential buyers enter your home, they will also assume that the owner of the property was clumsy and didn’t care to maintain his property in good condition. While most buyers would turn away, smart buyers would use that as a bargaining chip and put you in a disadvantageous position at the negotiation table.

So even if you have a stunning property in a great location, you’ll have a hard time selling a home that doesn’t look clean and hygienic. This can be avoided by cleaning out your home before you move out. New buyers in the housing market look at homes with a lot of scrutiny since they are about to make a major investment in their life. A clean home helps to fetch the right price for your home and gets your property sold quicker.

  1. Satisfied Landlord – When you move out of a rented home, you don’t have to worry about the resale value. However, you do have to worry about the landlord when you move out. You need to move out of your rented home with a happy landlord since it helps you avoid many problems in the future. You don’t want your landlord to see a mess when you’re moving out and he’s at the door to collect the house key.

Apart from the criticism and verbal disagreement, your landlord can simply refuse you a recommendation letter. If you’re moving to your own home, that’s not an issue. However, if you’re moving to a rented home, that’s a major concern. Unless you are a friend of the new landlord or have known him for many years, he or she will demand recommendation letters from previous landlords and your renting history. Recommendation letters are even mandatory for renting in some cities and neighborhoods and are encouraged by the city council and local HOAs.

Even if you’re moving into your own home, you don’t want to leave your old home in a mess. A messy home is a perfect excuse for landlords to deny you the deposit money. They have the perfect bargaining chip to not refund you the deposit. Even if they decide to refund the money, it would be done after deducting a large amount for cleaning and damage expenses. For instance, the landlord may deduct hundreds of dollars for just getting the kitchen degreased. Instead, it’s better to hire a cleaning service yourself and save yourself some money and hassle.

  1. Limited time and energy – There are two kinds of people. Some love and enjoy cleaning chores and can do it much faster than everybody else. The rest see cleaning for what it is. A bothersome chore that takes a lot of time and energy. While cleaning has many benefits and helps you get a moderate amount of exercise, doing it yourself during a move-out isn’t really ideal.

You have a mountain of work that needs to be done and there’s very little time to squeeze cleaning into the list of chores and things that need to be done. Even if you think you have adequate time for cleaning before they move out, problems will pop up at a bad time. That’s why it’s best to simply hire a professional cleaning service and let them handle that stuff. Moreover, it helps you avoid unnecessary stress and mental exhaustion.

  1. Stress levels – As mentioned above, you have a lot of chores and other important things that need to be done before moving to a new place. Apart from the packing, organizing, and planning with the moving company, you also have to allocate some time to meet friends and family for a few goodbye dinners and drinks before you leave. It also gives you the opportunity to invite them to your new home.

When you have such a long checklist of things that need to be taken care of, an unclean home would add to unnecessary stress and chaos. A messy home makes finding things and organizing your belongings very difficult. If moving out is a game that is being played in hard mode, an unclean and messy home increases the difficulty by leaps and bounds. That’s why it’s best to get your home cleaned before the move-out. Hire professionals for the job who have specialized equipment and are trained well to clean your home without disrupting your activities in any way.


Cleaning your old home isn’t just beneficial to you, but also necessary if you’re moving out from one rental home to another. Due to limited time, hiring a cleaning service is always recommended instead of doing it by yourself. To hire professionals for the job, you can search for “cleaning services near me”.

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