A Detailed Guide to Residential Black Mold Removal Process

Mold spores are usually found everywhere on the planet. But finding black mold in the home is unnerving because it’s a severe health hazard. It can wreak havoc in the residential building and affect the family’s health. Exposure of mold spores to moderate temperatures and moisture can result in their growth, causing life-threatening illnesses and making it difficult to live in the house. So, homeowners must immediately hire a professional mold removal milwaukee service to clean black mold growth as soon as possible. This guide explains the professional process to get rid of black mold.

  1. Find the Moisture Source

Before starting any black mold treatment, mold removal professionals will perform a black mold test and look for the source. Black mold growth is often the result of excess moisture in a specific area. Homeowners are likelier to find black mold in less frequently visited areas such as the basement, deck, etc. Some common moisture sources in a home are faucets and fixtures, water heaters, and exposed plumbing.

  1. Wear Protective Gear

Professional mold removal milwaukee services know that dealing with black mold can be dangerous. Therefore, they protect themselves from black mold exposure before starting the treatment. For instance, technicians wear respirators, gloves, safety goggles, and clothing covering their entire body for protection against spores.

  1. Prepare the Area

In this step, professionals prepare the area that is to be cleaned. Mold removal technicians will turn off the air conditioner and heater to avoid moving air throughout the home while removing black mold. They seal doorways and windows to prevent mold spores from traveling through the house. An exhaust fan is used near door openings to help move airborne spores out of the building.

  1. Test the Area for Moisture

Professional restoration service providers will use the moisture meter to check the area for moisture. If there is no moisture in the affected area, they spray it with water. It is a crucial step that helps prevent black mold spores from becoming airborne.

  1. Treat the Area

A reliable mold removal milwaukee service provider will always use chemical-based mold and mildew remover, all-purpose cleaners, or bleach to treat the affected area. They spray the black mold with the necessary chemicals and let them sit for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Next, they will scrub the black mold area with a sponge and solution. The entire process is repeated to ensure the mold is entirely removed.

  1. Clean up the Area

During this last step, mold removal experts will clean up and disinfect the room before unsealing doorways and remove debris that might contain black mold. Moreover, they suggest leaving the exhaust fan on for hours or an entire day to prevent mold from returning.


Continuous exposure to black mold can cause severe health conditions, especially for people with allergies. So, removing it from the home is essential to maintain hygiene and good health. A certified and well-trained full-service restoration service provider will help remove black mold and restore the affected area. Moreover, professionals can let homeowners know mold growth prevention tactics.

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