Can You Replace Your Own Roofing? (Professional Opinion)

The internet is full of DIY tutorials for almost every project you may want to take on. And when the time comes to replace your roof, you may be tempted to take it on yourself. After all, you’ve just finished watching “the best DIY tutorial” on roof replacement and you’d love to save a lot of money. However, roof replacement is a big project. Maybe it’s OK if you just want to replace one or two shingles, but replacing an entire roof is a different ball game.

Before you take on your roofing project, you may want to know the downsides of doing so.

Is it Possible for Homeowners to Replace Their Own Roofs?

You may end up spending more

More often than not, homeowners trying to take on roof replacement themselves do so because they are trying to save money. But this usually turns out bad. Tearing off and replacing an entire roof is totally different from replacing just a few missing or worn shingles. 

Getting professional roofers to do the replacement is always to your advantage. With their expertise, they are able to identify damage and recommend the most cost-effective plan to fix your roof. Doing it yourself, you may find many problems you didn’t see coming down the line. This will eventually cost you more. For further insight into roof replacement, please visit thebrooklineroofers.com.

Your warranty becomes void

The warranties that most manufacturers of roofing materials give are only valid when the installation has been done by a professional roofing contractor. The obvious reason is that the damage caused by the wrong use of materials can be prohibitively expensive.

If you attempt to replace your roof by yourself, how can you be certain that you won’t run into unexpected problems down the road? And even your installation turns out perfect, knowing that the materials you installed are not covered by a warranty could make you lose the needed peace of mind. That would mean that you will have to pay for any future repairs or full replacement out of pocket.

Serious danger

Don’t be fooled by the ease with which professional roofing contractors seem to do roof repairs and replacements; it’s dangerous work. Some of the many hazards you will need to deal with include heights, power tools, deep-sloping surfaces, and the weather. Professionals have the necessary tools and equipment for safe installation

Also, the severity of the damage to your roof may be such that it has become unsafe for an inexperienced installer. Some of the things to look out for to know whether a roof is unsafe include cracks in masonry, leaks, buckling ceilings, sagging, etc.  

Major problems may go unnoticed 

If after a heavy rain, a stain suddenly appears on your ceiling, you might think that it can be easily fixed by patching the leak and painting over the stain. However, this step might end up being just an aesthetic solution. A more serious issue might be behind it all.

If the underlying issue is not addressed, you may be having to deal with more widespread damage down the line. The damage that water can cause once it finds its way into your home can be unbearable. You may soon be facing rot, mold growth, and even structural problems.

You’ll be spending a longer time

A roof replacement project might seem to you like a fast and easy process. Unfortunately, that’s surely not the case. When a professional roofing contractor is doing their thing, they know what exactly they’re doing. More so, these professionals have the experience and the necessary tools to handle any unforeseen complications that may come up during the project.

The truth is that attempting to replace your own roof will take much longer than you may think, especially because you don’t have the expertise and tools of a professional.

You won’t get the professional finishing

A properly installed roof will contribute to your home’s curb appeal. While it may not be the first thing that visitors notice when they come to your house, your roof will definitely get noticed if it’s poorly installed. In most cases, the defects of an improperly installed roof will become obvious as soon as the installation is finished.   

Bottom line

When most homeowners attempt to replace their own roof by themselves, it is usually because they are trying to save costs. However, there are many downsides to this, including the risk of injury, waste of time, losing the warranty on the roofing materials, etc.

It is always best to let a professional roofing company do the job. They have the expertise and tools to do a perfect job for you. Just remember to ensure that you only work with a reputable company to get the desired outcome. To find out what clients have to say about the company you are about to hire, kindly check out the Better Business Bureau.

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