No one likes a pest infestation in their house or their office, and especially in Schertz, a bustling and vibrant city in the U.S. state of Texas. It has a high precipitation rate and is home to a variety of pests and insects.

The common pests in Schertz include bed bugs, ants, ticks, fleas, cockroaches, scorpions, mosquitoes, termites, and rodents. These insects and pests damage homes and can be harmful to our health as well.

Schertz pest control services offered by Stride Pest Control have consistently been rated the best in pest control across Austin and San Antonio, TX.


This program covers all the bases and gives an idea of what to expect from pest control technicians. The program consists of the following steps:

  • Inspection: The initial inspections and the regular, timely inspection during and after treatments is the cornerstone of the Stride Forward Program. Inspections include finding any potential entry points, food, or water sources through which pests can re-infest a home or an office.
  • Identification: Research shows that different pests have different behaviors. Professional pest management includes finding the problematic pest, understanding its behavior, and eradicating it. For this, the technicians have to go through rigorous training.
  • Recommendation: Once the problematic pest is identified, appropriate steps are recommended to address the issue before severe damage is caused. These include using certain products and preventive measures.
  • Treatment: Stride Forward recommends eco-friendly non-chemical control methods. Only if necessary then small quantities of chemical products are used at the right place to kill pests.
  • Evaluation: Pest control is known to be an ongoing process. Stride Pest Control continues monitoring the treated area for pest activity. It helps to prevent infestations and help eliminate existing ones.

While home remedies keep the pests at bay for a short time, they again find a way back to get into the area. A pest control company finds a permanent remedy to the problem.


  • Thorough inspections are done to identify the actual pest problem in the house.
  • Accurate identification of the problem is of utmost necessity to effectively eliminate the pest problem. Pest control companies can accurately identify the cause of the problem and eliminate it at its source.
  • The biggest risk property owners face when dealing with pests is that they may face real danger. Pest control companies are familiar with such problems and know how to handle them safely.

Pest control is a time taking process. One has to be patient to reap the best solution from the process.