When to call a furnace repair agency?

The furnace of the house should always be in good working condition, especially before the winter months. Every homeowner should check the furnace of the house often to make sure it’s working properly. During the winter months, the furnace often gets stuck in adverse conditions and it becomes quite difficult to live in the house. A neglected furnace can lead to severe health hazards to the family members. By hiring a professional furnace repair agency when getting the issue fixed within no time and keeping the family safe from health hazards. But when to call a professional furnace repairs agency?

Read on to find out the signs to look for before calling a professional.

Common signs that the furnace of the house needs to be fixed immediately

Following are the signs listed below that one should look for:

  • Abnormal smells from the furnace

It’s quite common to get a pungent smell when the furnace is installed for the very first time. But with time the smell feds away. However, if one finds out that a stinky pungent smell is coming out without any reason, then one might need to call professionals to get the furnace fixed. These strong pungent smells coming out of the exhaust system resembles poor combustion.

  • When the unit is not starting smoothly

If one finds that the unit is not turning on smoothly, it’s probably time for maintenance. Also if one notices that the unit gets stopped suddenly several times in a day, then furnace servicing is what is required at the earliest. A professional furnace repairs agency will visit the house; find out the root cause of the problem and fix it within no time. Generally, dirty filters, ruptured AC coils or heat exchanges are some of the common issues that need to be fixed.

  • Gas Leaks

When a gas leak is detected in a house, the first thing one should do is call an HVAC service agency immediately. It’s also recommended to turn the furnace off immediately to avoid any kind of accidents. Also as a precautionary measure one, the family members should live the building immediately.

  • Uneven heating

The job of a furnace is to keep the house at a consistent temperature, if the main purpose is not getting solved, then calling a professional to get it fixed is the only option. A proper functioning furnace should distribute the air inside the house evenly and one should not feel any cold or hot patches in particular places inside the house. Therefore if one is finding absolutely different temperatures in different areas of the house, then the furnace system needs to be fixed immediately.

  • An increasing rate of energy bills

Growing energy bills without any proper reason is a sign that the furnace system is not working efficiently. A professional will visit the house, find out the root cause behind the growing energy bills and fix the issue accordingly.


A furnace-related issue should never be left untreated as it can lead to dangerous situations in the house. If any of the above-mentioned signs are noticed, one should immediately call a furnace repairs agency and get the issue fixed before it’s too late.

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