There are endless possibilities with masonry. It can make the house durable and beautiful which has increased its demand. When you use masonry you can create an exterior classic look. In the interiors, masonry can be used to create walls or fireplace mantels. Whether you are looking for a dramatic curb appeal or a rustic classic feel, all of that can easily be created with the help of masonry products. It is always best to reach out to a trusted name like https://www.royalbuilding.ca/ for all your masonry supplies. Listed below are some of the masonry supplies you will require for your next building project.

Stone Veneers

If you are looking to buy stone veneers there are two leading brands that you can choose from. General Shale has been one of the leading names in the industry for decades. It is focused on delivering only natural products which can add aesthetic value to the project. The other is Stonerox from Architectural Accents Inc, which are high-quality stone veneers that have been designed for both residential and commercial properties. The products are lightweight, durable, easy to install and can add to the aesthetic value wherever they are placed.

Masonry Reinforcing

For masonry reinforcing, you can opt for Blok-Lok. They have a wide range of products and have continued to develop new products and carry out researches. Their innovative products have been able to meet a diverse range of masonry construction needs which vary from new construction to masonry repair and restoration applications. They are great for all the construction and restoration needs, whether it or a new high-rise or restoring a historical building, BLOK-LOK will be able to provide you with innovative masonry reinforcement solutions. These solutions would creatively align with the design and efficiency of the contractor and the financial objectives that you have. The supplies also adhere to strict building codes and construction standards.

Mortar Net

Mortar Net helps to ensure that the masonry walls breathe, drains and dries quickly and efficiently. It helps to eliminate the weep hole blockages which happen due to mortar droppings and ensures that the water which enters the wall is directed to the weep holes. The Mortar Net works by placing it on top of the flashing inside the wall cavity. Here it catches and permanently suspends the mortar droppings above the level of the weep holes. The dovetail shape which is patented helps in the prevention of mortar from forming a continuous dam and its shape. Along with that, it is in combination with its 90 per cent open mesh weave that allows the water to move swiftly through the material to the weep.

With Mortar Net there is proper air movement in and out of the cavity which eliminates the pressure differentials which force the moisture into the cavity and increase the speed of drying the wall. Installing Mortar Net is an efficient way of managing moisture migration. It eliminates efflorescence on interior and exterior masonry walls. They also help in the prevention of damage that has been caused by freeze-thaw cycles. It is also crucial in preventing the growth of mould.

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