7 Tips for Finding a Reputable Foundation Repair Company

Not all foundation repair companies are alike! No doubt many if not most companies endeavor to provide high-quality repairs for their clients. However, you don’t want to end up with that one inexperienced repairperson or “fly by night” foundation contractors.

To ensure you choose a reputable, reliable foundation repair contractor for your property, check out 7 quick but vital tips. These will help you eliminate some candidates while ensuring your final choice is a company you can trust!

1. The Best Foundation Repair Companies Have Experience!

Foundation repair is not something you can learn from a book. Instead, contractors need hands-on experience and training for even minor crack patching and leak detection. Also, the more experience contractors have, the more types of damage they’ll encounter. In turn, they’ll have more skills for performing needed foundation repair.

When searching for foundation repair companies near you, choose one with at least 10 years of industry experience. This experience helps ensure those contractors have the skills needed to accurately assess and then address your property’s damaged foundation.

2. Never Hire General Contractors for Foundation Repair

General contractors might tell you that they have the skills needed for foundation repair on your property. However, this isn’t typically the case! Foundation fixes require specialty skill, training, techniques, and equipment.

While some contractors might have experience with minor foundation repair, many simply lack the skills needed for high-quality fixes. To ensure expert repairs that last, choose foundation repair companies in particular rather than general contractors.

3. Every Project Should Start With an Inspection

Be wary of any repair company offering quotes over the phone, especially for foundation repair! A contractor should assess that foundation in person before deciding on needed repairs. Also, he or she should inspect a property for secondary damage such as wall cracks and sloped floors.

While some foundation repair companies might note their hourly rate over the phone, be wary of any contractor quoting a price without seeing a foundation in person first. Additionally, don’t hesitate if they ask to look around your house or commercial structure. The more thorough the inspection, the more accurate their assessment of needed repairs!

4. Check More Than Google Reviews

Google reviews are an excellent choice for finding contractor reviews. However, you should check elsewhere online as well! Visit sites designed for contractor feedback in particular, to make your search easier. These include Thumbtack, Angie’s List or Angi, Houzz, Porch, and HomeAdvisor, just to name a few.

5. A Reputable Foundation Contractor Can Handle Severe Damage

In some cases, a property only needs crack patching and perhaps an interior waterproof coating along basement walls. However, reputable foundation repair companies can handle more severe damage and won’t necessarily recommend patching alone. Always choose a company able to provide underpinning and leveling when needed rather than one that advertises patching alone.

6. How Good Is a Contractor’s Customer Service?

Never hire a foundation repair contractor who refuses to answer your questions, pressures you into signing a contract, or otherwise acts unprofessionally. A reputable contractor knows that foundation repair is expensive and often overwhelming for property owners. In turn, he or she should make the process as stress-free for clients as possible!

Also, a property owner should never work with a foundation contractor who can’t explain repair options or foundation damage. This could indicate that they don’t really understand that damage and how to repair it properly. Consequently, it’s vital that you choose a contractor who understands how a foundation is constructed and the best repair option as well.

7. Don’t Choose a Foundation Contractor By Price Alone

Foundation repair can get expensive, with costs averaging around $4500 nationally. Severe damage and resultant repairs can sometimes cost $10,000 or more!

While a property owner shouldn’t overpay for needed repairs, you also don’t want to necessarily choose the cheapest contractor. An extremely low price might indicate that he or she uses low-quality materials. Also, if they’re not skilled at their work, they might lower their price to compensate for the lack of word-of-mouth referrals.

Can You Fix Foundation Problems Yourself?

If you’re considering DIY foundation repairs, it’s important to be aware of the potential concerns involved. While taking on home improvement projects can be fulfilling, foundation repairs require specialized knowledge and expertise. Attempting to repair the foundation on your own can lead to costly mistakes and further damage to your home’s structure.

A property owner might fix hairline cracks with store-bought patching compound. Also, you can coat interior basement walls and concrete floors with waterproof coatings. However, severe damage requires the skill and expertise of a repair contractor!

One reason to call the pros is that he or she can assess damage deep in foundation concrete or along a crawl space. Two, a repair contractor can decide if the property needs patching, leveling, underpinning, or another repair method. Also, he or she should guarantee their work to last! In turn, you can be sure of those repairs when you call an experienced repair contractor.

Is Fixing the Foundation Worth It?

Foundation repair is always worth the cost! One reason to invest in foundation fixes is that damage tends to get worse the longer it’s ignored. Also, a weak foundation lets a property settle and sink. In turn, you might soon see secondary damage including wall and ceiling cracks, stuck doors and windows, gaps in room corners, and more.

Additionally, foundation cracks let moisture into a structure that risks mold growth, wood framing rot, and even insect and rodent infestation. That moisture can also stain drywall and ceiling tiles and risk mildew underneath carpeting and area rugs. You might even notice floor tiles coming loose from the grout and adhesives under them.

Above all, keep in mind that foundation damage can lower property values and make it harder to sell your property. Eventually, your property might not even pass an inspection! You’ll then be losing equity on your home or commercial property rather than building value over the years.

To avoid these risks and protect property values, call a reputable repair company at the first sign of damage. Also, ask your contractor about how to avoid future damage. This can include waterproofing, property grading, and other simple fixes. In turn, you can avoid otherwise unnecessary foundation repair costs down the road and know your property is in excellent condition from the ground up!

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