What Happens if You Don’t Get Basement Foundation Repair?

Most structural issues are best handled early on since this provides a better prognosis; this also applies to housing basement foundations. Most homeowners overlook the early subtle signs that their basement foundation needs repair and are only aware after the foundation is already damaged and demands a large expense to fix.

We will teach homeowners the consequences of failing to fix their basement foundation promptly and address some frequently asked questions by homeowners about basement foundation repair.

What Happens if I Don’t Repair My Foundation?

Lots of events can happen if you don’t get your basement foundation repaired, and these events are best avoided; and they include:

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Your Foundation Could Settle and Sink

Your foundation might move and start to sink depending on the source and severity of your foundation damage. This will cause your home’s flooring to become uneven, doors not close smoothly, and cracks in your walls, window frames, and other areas. It is important to hire a professional to have your basement foundation repaired if you notice this.

Rodents and Insects Might Appear Out of Nowhere

When your home’s foundation begins to degrade, you will notice insects, rats, and other creatures almost colonizing your home, and this is due to the crack left in your foundation and wall as a result of the damage to your foundation.

Once they get into your home, they reproduce and multiply rapidly which can result in a  severe infestation. Suppose mice or other rodents get into your home. In that case, they can dig into the walls and eat electrical lines, causing more difficulties and higher costs in repairing the initial damage and hiring experts to remove the rodents and insects.

Your Plumbing Could Be Compromised

Foundation issues might lead to significant plumbing problems in your house. If you have pier and beam construction, your pipes will most likely be fused with the foundation and traverse into your home. If you have a slab foundation, the pipes are located beneath it; you may have leaked for several years and not even realized it, necessitating under slab plumbing repair.

When the foundation begins to shift, the pipes may shift, fracture, and break, causing major water damage. If you discover a problem with your pipes or an increase in your water bill, call a plumber to check for leaks and a foundation repair professional to assess any damage.

Mold, Mildew, and Moisture

Moisture problems arise as a result of water leaks and damaged pipes. Excessive wetness might damage your home’s beams.

When wood becomes moist, it begins to decay and spread mold and mildew, which can threaten both the foundation and the inside walls of your home. Check for cracks in your foundation to ensure no dampness and dry your crawl space.

You may need to contact a mold remediation professional if mold appears. Once the foundation has been restored, you may need to remove the drywall in your home and replace any broken beams.

Mold is incredibly dangerous, and because it is minute, you may not notice it right away. If you or anybody in your household suffers from respiratory problems, mold and mildew can make things worse. Thus getting your basement foundation repaired is important for the family’s health as a whole.

Is It Safe to Live in a House With Foundation Problems?

It’s generally safe to live in a house with foundation issues. However, because foundation problems deteriorate over time, you should address the issue as soon as possible. Seek an expert foundation repair to have a look at your basement foundation promptly.

How Serious Are Foundation Cracks?

Not all foundation cracks should keep you awake at night. The fact is, not all basement foundation cracks compromise the home’s structural integrity. They might also be unsightly due to shrinkage during the concrete curing process, which is natural. These ugly, non-structural shrinkage cracks do not immediately threaten your building. while some can be a pointer to imminent danger.


Basement foundations do give off subtle signs to point to an underlying problem; homeowners must pay keen attention to their structures to be able to pick up these signs. It is vital to your home’s structural integrity to hire an expert to have a quick look at your home if you notice any changes before it leads to a mirage of side effects mentioned above.

According to HomeAdvisor, The average cost of foundation repair for a home is $4,742. Major hydraulic pier repairs might cost $10,000 or more, while tiny fractures can cost as little as $500. Most homeowners pay between $2,146 and $7,505 to have their basement foundation repaired. Many of these problems may be fixed without ripping everything up and starting over; that’s why hiring a professional to look at your foundation cannot be overemphasized.

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