Finding professional pest control services in Oregon: A quick guide!

As a homeowner, you need to protect your home from pests and rodents. Pests, rodents, insects, and critters can impact your home and life in many ways. Some insects are carriers of serious diseases and germs, while rodents and termites can cause structural damage to your home. While you definitely need an exterminator for a pest problem at hand, getting periodic inspections done is as important. Companies like Pointe Pest Control have been offering professional pest control in Oregon for years now. In this guide, we are sharing more on how to find an exterminator you can trust. 

  1. Check the work scope. Homeowners should have the number of an exterminator on their speed dial at all times. Before you hire a company, check the range of pest control services they provide. For instance, some pest control companies just deal with rodents, while others are more comprehensive. 
  2. Licensing is important. Check if the exterminator has necessary licenses and permissions to work in residential and commercial sectors. Also, many pest control companies have members of professional organizations and accreditations, which says a lot about their expertise and industry standing.
  3. Ask about insurance. Usually, pest control jobs have inherent risks, and if there is any damage to your house, it can become your implied liability. Make sure that the exterminator has both liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. Also, check if all workers are bonded.
  4. An in-house team is important. You will be rather surprised to know that many exterminators don’t actually have a team in place. They hire people randomly, as and when they have projects, and that could be a dangerous thing for clients. Hire a pest control company that has trained, insured, and certified experts. 
  5. Discuss job warranty. Not all pest control companies offer a warranty on the work done, and this is important. You wouldn’t want to spend on the same job twice, and it makes sense to find a company that offers some sort of assurance on the work. 

Get an inspection done & look for contracts

Finally, consider giving an annual contract to the pest control company, so that they can do regular inspections and keep a check on important concerns. Also, ask for a home check, to know the extent of pest problems you may have. 

Most pest control companies in Oregon will be happy to offer a free and no-obligation estimate for the work, after the initial inspection. 

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