Man-Made Homes That Are In The Shape Of Domes

In the early days when the man is in dire need of creating shelter, he made a primitive tribal hut that was made from mud. That appears to be half of a hollow sphere. It is a stand-alone structure. They are unconventional but still many people love them.

Even though they have problems like leakage and stuff still there are many advantages of dome homes that make people opt for them now. It is a regular house which consists of windows and doors but the difference in this one is its shape.

Types of Dome Houses

  1.   Geodesic

They are in the shape of polyhedrons. All the parts of the house that are outside will be in the shape of interconnected triangles. They are very sturdy but they are prone to water leakage and they can become weak over time.

  1.   Monolithic

They are made up of a single layer of concrete and many other materials. The exterior of these dome homes is made uniform. Because of the single-layer of the concrete, they are resistant to bug intervention.

  1.   Yurts

These types of shelters are from many years ago. The outer fabrics that are used are water-resistant and long-lasting.

Things to consider when thinking of building Dome Homes

  • It will be nearly impossible when people want to place chimneys in their dome homes.
  • It is very difficult to create divisions and rooms inside the dome.
  • Even though there are advantages of dome homes because of the design. People who stay there have to deal with the echo sound.
  • As the walls will be curved to give justice to the shape of the dome home, it will be difficult to decorate the place with decorative items as most of them will be either square or rectangular in shape.
  • Some of the designs in the dome homes have leakages and so while constructing people have to be extra careful in this scenario.
  • They are extremely energy efficient and strong. They can fight with natural materials like wind and snow.

Problems that might occur with dome homes

  1. There will be more wastage in order to make the triangle shapes from the sheet materials when compared to good old conventional type of buildings.
  2. When compared to normal buildings, fitting doors and windows inside dome houses will be very difficult.
  3. When people try to add more features to enhance the advantages of dome homes like extensions, windows, and chimneys the house will lose the benefits that will be there with dome construction.
  4. Getting planning permission will also become difficult. Be it any type of dome house, getting planning permission will be a task in most places.
  5. If the owner is thinking of constructing the house for investment purposes, then a dome house is not the correct choice in his case.


A dome will be very easy in terms of maintenance when compared to regular buildings. The owners do not have to worry about the roof repairs, damage to wood by termites, and so on. There won’t be any maintenance required in addition like in the case of conventional buildings.

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